It’s A Wash: 5 Places You May Not Think to Put a Sink

Morgan Ulseth | May 19th, 2022 | 3M READ TIME

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A place to wash up may not always be close at hand. Here are 5 places that could benefit from a portable washing station built by Britten Inc.

As youngsters we’re taught how to properly wash our hands—and for good reason! It’s never been more evident that sanitation and hygiene are important to personal and community health. While hand sanitizer or wipes may work in a pinch, they can easily be bested by little hands covered in dirt, mud and grime. That’s where a portable wash station built by Britten, Inc becomes invaluable! Providing fully functioning soap and water capability in places too remote or removed for easy utility hook-up, these portable wash stations can be your sanitation solution. Offering the highest quality, lowest cost portable wash stations available, here’s a few places your business could benefit from a PWS made by Britten, Inc!

1. K-12 Schools

Most schools will have adequate restrooms but specialized classrooms such as those set up for chemistry or other science classes may not be equipped with sinks. While students could go use the bathroom down the hall, with limited class time especially when conducting detailed experiments, an in-class sink can limit distraction and keep the lesson plan moving forward.

For teachers of kindergartners and young students, being able monitor clean-up and hand washing is made possible with an in class portable washing station. Available in models tailored to children with lowered countertops, these wash stations are a great option for students that may require more assistance and attention.

2. Modular Classrooms

School populations can fluctuate for a variety of reasons. Whether its combining districts or a boom in residents, a school may need to expand. An older school may also be undergoing remodels or building on additions. To solve these growing pains, many schools often resort to modular or portable classrooms. Although self-contained and often built with utility hook-up capability, connecting a modular classroom to existing infrastructure is not always feasible nor cost-effective. That’s where a portable sink is indispensable! Available at a fraction of the cost of running new water lines, and easily moved where needed, the PWS from Britten Inc can offer full functionality to a modular environment that is complete except for handwashing access.

3. Summer & Day Camps

From learning new tennis skills, to exploring a creek for aquatic bugs, summer camps cater to nearly any interest a kid can have. While the programming of each camp may vary, the activities are often hosted in the wide-open spaces of the outdoors where running water can be out of reach. Mix in scheduled snack times, bathroom breaks, and lunch hour between arts and crafts and nature exploration and the need for handwashing is abundantly clear. Thankfully, portable wash stations are just that—portable! Able to be wheeled to any strategic location along the circuit of activity stations, the PWS by Britten Inc can be exactly where you need them so that kids can clean-up and then get back to camp fun!

4. Festivals

Lilac, asparagus, even mushrooms! Mini festivals celebrating the blooming plants and ripening produce of the region are essential to the character and charm of small towns. Perhaps the greatest draw of these local festivals is the food! Featuring food trucks, vendors, and concession stands, these venues serve up festival favorites along with showcasing the local fare. Whether located at a fairground or situated on a downtown street, it’s likely that handwashing accessibility is in short supply. That’s where the compact nature of the Britten Inc. personal wash station can match the intimate character of these boutique events. Well-made and inexpensive, these wash stations can be strategically placed throughout the concession area and are a real solution for city councils operating on a modest budget.

5. Zoos

Wandering past the lion cages, through the monkey house, or past the zebra exhibit, the joys of the zoo let the mind imagine as you meander along. A great way to see exotic animals at an arms-length, the zoo may even offer an opportunity to pet a handful of its more docile denizens. Pair an entire park where every surface is touched by every tourist and a chance to have close contact with animals, and you may soon be scanning for a place to scrub your paws. Available when and where you need it, a portable wash station by Britten Inc can keep some sanitary order even where the wild things are.