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SKYMINT BRANDS™ / December 19th, 2020 / Portage, MI

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In Michigan, recreational cannabis dispensaries are becoming as common as corner coffee shops, and that’s leaving many in the business wondering how to best stand out. Lansing-based SKYMINT BRANDS™ focuses on a unique UVP: creating farm-to-table, premium cannabis products that are grown in small batches and processed by hand. When they decided to open a 12th retail location in the town of Portage, they trusted the cannabis display experts at Britten WoodWorks to construct functional interiors to match their existing aesthetic and meet all operational and legal requirements.

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Referencing the established design of other SKYMINT locations, WoodWorks craftsmen built clean and fresh-looking interiors for every aspect of the new store. A point-of-sale counter constructed with smooth and sleek, Baltic birch plywood; high-pressure laminate countertops; shelving units; cabinetry; and LED lit display cases with individual locking mechanisms for extra security. The storewide project also included fabric-wrapped tack boards, back-of-house casework, and even a light-up, sign backdrop for their logo.

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With a simple style and classic charm, SKYMINT Portage delivers a shopping experience consistent with the company’s established brand and clean cannabis mission. When customers enter and feel the interior’s fresh vibe, they’ll know that they’re getting products that are safe, healthy, and trustworthy. “We are launching this industry-setting model right here in Michigan and plan to expand it nationally,” CEO Jeff Radway told MLive news. “Skymint is reimagining what the cannabis experience feels like.”

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