custom woodworking boosts cannabis industry.

Caramor / July 1st, 2019 / San Juan, Puerto Rico

situation /

In 2017, Puerto Rico’s government passed legislation legalizing the medical marijuana. Dozens of new dispensaries rushed to open. But constantly evolving regulations and display requirements for stores made it difficult for companies to stay up to code. That’s when, Caramor Compassionate Cannabis Care, reached out to the industry display experts at Britten WoodWorks to create stylish and adaptable display furniture, fixtures, and cabinetry for their two retail locations.

solution /

To meet government regulations, WoodWorks design experts took a deep dive into researching medical and recreational marijuana laws. Partnering with retail dispensary specialists, Awaekn Creative in Grand Rapids, the team built fully-customized, rolling display carts. Built with solid aluminum framing and plexiglass tops, the carts showcased several Caramor products and locked securely to meet industry requirements. Sleek countertops, wooden wall panels, and point-of-sale fixtures added to modern look and elegant vibe of the space. WoodWorks even collaborated with Britten sister company,, to create peel-n-stick accent walls within the fully branded environment.

impact /

There are more than 200 cannabis businesses in Puerto Rico, generating an average of $10 million per month in sales. To remain competitive in this highly lucrative market, Caramor’s success rides on balancing a unique vibe and shopping experience with ever-changing cannabis laws. With plans to deliver even more rolling carts in 2021, WoodWorks has become Caramor’s trusted, go-to partner for all their key cabinetry and display needs.

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