Manufacturing the Gray Whale Migration

Amplified Marketing Agency / June 29th, 2022 / United States

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The migration of the Gray Whale begins in March. Embarking from its home range along the coast of Lake Michigan, it makes a swift journey to Redondo Beach, CA where it languishes for several days in the coastal sunshine. Next, it will make a vast transcontinental journey, trading the warm Pacific for the cooling breeze of the Atlantic outside of New York City. A curiously nomadic creature, the Gray Whale will then retrace its previous expansive odyssey and rejoin once more to the Pacific and take up residence in San Francisco. In a final bout of this oscillating migration pattern, the Gray Whale will once more return to the Atlantic, cresting at idyllic Martha’s Vineyard for a conclusive communal gathering. You may have gathered that this bicoastal beast is not an actual aquatic mammal—instead it is the traveling container and accompanying converted VW bus for Gray Whale Gin. Conceived by activation agency Amplified on behalf of Gray Whale and constructed by the Britten’s BoxPop® team, this voyaging outfit had festival goers on the East and West coast watching for this roaming whale.

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Making stops at the Beach Life festival (Redondo Beach, CA), The Governors Ball (Queens, NYC), Outside Lands (San Francisco, CA) and Beach Road Weekend (Martha’s Vineyard, MA) Gray Whale Gin dubbed this coastal circuit the Ocean Love Tour 2022. Intended to promote their handcrafted spirit and bring attention to ocean conservation, Gray Whale sought out an awe-inspiring activation package that would attract crowds. Utilizing a 20-foot container, BoxPop® built a completely interactive space befitting of the bespoke gin brand. Collaborating with Britten WoodWorks, the container featured over 50 custom-cut fins fitted to the exterior of the container along with a massive whale tail affixed to the top and a dual-image lenticular wall on the rear. Most impressive was the walk-through interior. Featuring built in audio and a 360-degree LED display, patrons were plunged into an immersive ocean dive with footage of crashing waves and the sounds of swirling surf. But the pinnacle of this delightful sea-breeze blue display space was the bar itself. Made from a converted 1960’s Volkswagen bus, this custom-fitted cocktail bar was a feat of BoxPop® ingenuity. Fitting the roof to hinge open into a drink menu display, this vintage vehicle turned gin bar was the perfect eclectic touch to this activation package.

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All these creative elements culminated into a truly stunning display. From the converted VW van to the finned container, each aspect was finished in a calming Gray Whale Gin blue for a uniform and professional finish. Made possible by the BoxPop® team, the Gray Whale Gin pop-up and VW bar were a sensation, creating notice even in vendor packed venues. As the sun set beyond the surf at Redondo Beach or behind Citi Stadium, the halo glow of “Gray Whale” lighted lettering atop the container drew in patrons like zooplankton. Refreshing gin cocktails breached the bar top and disappeared like the dashing of waves. And as this roaming beast inevitable departed toward its next coastal journey (headed East or West), gin-lovers keep a watchful eye for the next sighting of the migrating Gray Whale.

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