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RAIR / October 1st, 2020 / Bay City, MI

situation /

The U.S. cannabis industry is booming. But with dispensaries becoming as common as brewpubs and coffee shops in some America cities, setting your business apart can be tough. Ashley Hubbard, Marley Hodson, and Molly McFadden of Jackson-based, Rair, envisioned a classy, boutique-style marijuana store that would sell their “clean” products made from cannabis grown without dirt. To create a unique and upscale interior space, they turned to Britten WoodWorks and their growing reputation for handcrafting display furniture that blends security, climate-control, and aesthetic appeal.

solution /

The crew started by constructing a massive point-of-sale counter with a triple-level, glass section to securely showcase dozens of products. Midcentury display cases built to house feature items were designed to give consumers direct viewing access, while also adding to the clean lines and fresh ambiance of the shop’s interior design. Several floating shelves and fixtures with natural finishing created extra selling space and various merchandising opportunities. Climate-control cabinet units for storage, acrylic couch guards, and branded floor decals (courtesy of mother-company, Britten Inc.) completed the look of this polished retail space.

impact /

WoodWorks delivered and installed the custom millwork in time for Rair’s grand opening celebration in Bay City, MI. With a welcoming atmosphere and boutique-style vibe, the store owners hope to attract consumers from across the state. The beautiful interior design will change the way people look at marijuana from the second they step inside the store. “I really wanted to bring that sort of professionalism into cannabis,” co-owner Marley Hodson told Saginaw and Bay City News, “[and] get people to think of it more of a medicine that needs to be as clean and as powerful as possible.”

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