new-meets-nostalgia for olean's of northport

OLEAN'S / July 30th, 2021 / NORTHPORT, MI

situation /

Pioneering the first recreational cannabis retail shop in Leelanau County, owners David Caudill and Tyler Rink had a discerning vision for Olean’s. Both boasting extensive backgrounds in design and retail, they were looking to create a space that was hospitable, modern, and effortlessly weaved into the communal fabric of Northport. Repurposing a weathered outbuilding as the outer shell for this eclectic cannabis outpost, Olean’s called upon Britten WoodWorks™ to build out an interior befitting their nostalgia-meets-modern Northport vision.

solution /

Heading up the Olean’s interior build-out, Tyler Rink envisioned a warm, welcoming space within the intimate 800 square foot interior. Painted the same placid blue as the exterior, the intent was to create a calming and comfortable experience from start to finish. Working with Rink’s vision, WoodWorks™ manufactured the check in desk, cash wraps and wall cabinetry. Keeping the notions of curated, rather than overwhelming display, WoodWorks™ worked up built-in cabinetry, gently lit with 3,000-watt light fixtures to highlight the selective product offerings. In addition to customer-facing features, WoodWorks™ also built-out the employee breakroom with a similar focus on comfortability. Adapting the owner’s design into reality, Britten transformed Olean’s from an old outbuilding into the quaint, apothecary experience that Rink and Caudill envisioned.

impact /

Working closely with owner Tyler Rink and moving quickly, WoodWorks™ helped make Olean’s a reality as the first functioning cannabis dispensary in Leelanau County in record time. “I feel super blessed to be able to create something world-class with local tradespeople who fit us in here and there” noted owner and designer Tyler Rink to the Leelanau Ticker, “There is world-class talent here.”

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