a distinguished dispensary for noble herb

NOBLE HERB / July 20th, 2022 / Flagstaff, AZ

situation /

Ryan and Brandon Hermansky along with business partner and long-term friend, Doug Daly were looking for an update. Having run a successful cannabis dispensary since 2013 in Flagstaff, Arizona, the trio were looking for a refresh that matched the evolution of their business and the cannabis industry. Focused on curated offerings paired with short customer wait times, Daly and the Hermanskys hoped to bring that same level of customer and product attention to their redesigned dispensary. Opening under the new name, Noble Herb, this reimagined space would be a response to the dynamic and expanding industry while retaining their focus on personalized service. Charged with constructing that vision was Britten WoodWorks. A full 360-fabricator and with extensive experience in building dispensary interiors, WoodWorks sought to bring a distinguished finish to Noble Herb.

solution /

Building from the renders of renowned design firm High Road Studio, WoodWorks began milling the essential and aesthetic elements for Noble Herb. Fabricating the functional aspects of a check-in desk, secure glass showcases, and a 60’ express point of sale counter, WoodWorks made certain Noble Herb was well equipped to serve customers.

impact /

Combined with the attractive elements such as exterior decorative trellis, open-display showcase tables, vendor display cabinets with built-in glass shelving and organized apparel racks, the final dispensary interior was a warm, welcoming space well-equipped to host its clientele.

render to reality.
noble herb / custom 60’ express point of sale counter
noble herb / custom millwork
noble herb / custom woodworking
noble herb / custom check-in desk & counters
noble herb / secure glass showcases

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a distinguished dispensary for noble herb


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